Coming Jan 2019: De Cypher -Unpacking Cape Town Hip Hop

Monthly Hip Hop Cypher Starts January 2019

De Cypher is a new Hip Hop themed monthly show where we do our part to support and promote local Hip Hop music in Cape Town.

Cape Town Hip Hop is on the rise. And we want to do our part to support help promote artists that are doing the most in the Hip Hop. 

The premise of the show is simple. Listeners and artists nominate their favorite local hip hop MCs online and on Social Media. Once the list of nominees is finalized, voting will be opened up and only 6 MCs with the most votes will make the final cut. There is no limit to the number of times you can vote for an MC. 

The date, venue and the final list of the Cypher will be announced on the site and on Social Media and only a small group of spectators will be invited to come and watch the Cypher recording. The final video will be uploaded on this site for the public to watch.

The show is a cooperative effort of a group of artists and producers who will be announced at a later date. The show will also be facilated by the Afroconsultancy Agency a group that works to help develop local business, brands, art and music. Continue below to make your nomination for the first show.


De Cypher Promo poster

Make your nomitation...

Nominations for the inaugural show are open now and will close on the 7th of January 2019. Please fill in the form below to nominate yourself or other artists that you believe should be on the show. Fill in the form below to nominate your favorite artists.